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Johns Hopkins University professor: “Kyrie Irving is an American hero”

Kyrie Irving was the only NBA superstar who publicly refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine which forced him to miss home games for the major part of last season.

Not only that, he also said that he gave up four-year $100 million contract because of his stance on mandatory vaccination. Irving was also very vocal about his choice and defended ordinary people who were forced to take the shot.

Recently, the 2016 NBA champion even called the mandatory vaccination one of the biggest violations of human rights. Johns Hopkins professor Marty Makary (MD) praised Irving for making the right choice because he had virtually no risk from Covid, but had a much higher risk of vaccine side-effects, specifically myocarditis.

“Kyrie is an American hero. He stood strong for what he believes. Also stood with the millions of young healthy people who acquired natural immunity and then when the vax became avail, choose to decline the risk of vax-induced myocarditis and it’s unknown long-term eff assoc w/ it,” Makary tweeted.

“Kyrie Irving has Covid antibodies but they are not recognized Drs Jha, Fauci & Walensky bc they were generated by infection not the vax. A young healthy male with nat imm has the absolute lowest risk of Covid complications and the absolute highest risk of vax-induced myocarditis,” he continued.

“Last yr, the NEJM described a 22-yr-old that died from vax-induced myocarditis & I’ve heard of many more cases. I have never heard of a young healthy person with nat immunity dying from Covid. Our gov’t doctors have not been honest about the risks:benefit in young healthy people.”

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