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Draymond Green opens up about his contract extension with Warriors

Draymond Green is set to enter year three of his current four-year contract with the Warriors. Year four is a player option. The four-time NBA champion is eligible to sign and extension before the start of this season.

It was reported previously that Golden State is unlikely to offer Green an extension and is expected to wait until next summer while the player reportedly wants a max extension.

In a recent interview Green told the media that he does not think that he will sign the extension with the Dubs at this point, saying that he will use it as motivation.

“At this point whether I’d like to or not is… I don’t think it will happen,” the 32-year-old forward said. “So for me I’m just focused on this season and being as great as I can be and as I know I’m capable of being and winning another championship and reaching my individual goals that I have as well. I think that’s my main focus.

“Contract situations, contract years that is a part of this league. I think it weighs on everyone differently. I think the way a contract situation would weigh on me is totally different than the way it would weigh on a Jordan Poole who’s never signed a big contract.

“So I think all of that matters as well. When you’re in different positions of your career and you know you have security or you don’t. I think all those difference things plays a part into how one may react to being in a contract year. To each his own. Some people are motivated by contract years, some people are nervous and struggle during contract years. I think it’s all based on a player.

“For me personally I think for me anytime in the contract year is motivation. That’s how I approach it, that’s how I viewed it and it’s always been the way I viewed it. I’ve historically been a guy to bet on myself even when you know others didn’t believe, I’ve always felt confident betting on myself. Nothing changes for me now.”

Last season Green averaged 7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 7 assists in 28.9 minutes per game for the Warriors.

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