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Fomichov shows result on the court and outside of it

Recently, I was able to talk with one of the most interesting and promising coaches of Europe, Maksym Fomichov.

What’s so important about him?

At the age of 24, he became the Head Coach of a professional team top division of the country, one of the youngest Head Coaches in the world, in the history of basketball!

At an early age, he created a coaching team, in fact, showed his knowledge and champions character.

Fomichov’s team could be called the main sensation of the Ukrainian championship. The team with the smallest budget in the league, made up from students and age-related players, which experts predicted one, maximum two occasional victories, ended up with seven!

Those who did not attend the championship, will be asked – “7 wins in 22 games, is that the big deal?”

Firstly, young coach has shown great courage. The team did not pass preseason training; it was equipped with huge gap in the positions of Point Guard and Center.

Maks headed “Halychyna” just a week before the tournament (he worked as a scout of the “CSKA Moscow” – the biggest European club), after refusing to take a trouble team from more experienced coaches.

Due to the financials difficulties, Maksym worked with the team alone, without assistant and conditional coach.

So in the first round of championship, team was only drawn into the game. In 10 games was taken just one win in the final game, on an experienced team with two Americans in the roster. At the press conferences after each game, coach talked only about lack of time for training, he did not complain and never scolded players. Although the series of defeats, observers noted the successful actions of the team after each time-out.

Despite the long-awaited success, President of the club suddenly fired the coach. Experts were surprised, journalists have written that even Phil Jackson or John Wooden could not give the best result in such conditions. Next 8 games team was led by the Director of the club and has not reached a single success.

And then the fun began!

Maksym has addressed to the president of the club. What did he say, how he managed to convince an experienced manager, we do not know, but he got him. Before the start of the third round was made the unprecedented decision to return Fomichov!

The championship has a three-week break, during which, according to the coach, he was able to partially make up for the preseason.

After the break, followed by a series of five consecutive victories, has played with 2nd and 4rd teams of the championship. The team remembered by aggressive defense, they did not receive more than 70 points, doing an average of 13 steals per game. Got the milestone of the country in rebounds in a single game – 63!

Now, at the end of the season, we know that Maksym building the game based on statistical modeling, it does exactly what is today the most appreciated by the management of the NBA clubs. Fomichov has proved that he is a strong defensive coordinator, who brings to the team a strong system that guarantees success.

The young coach has shown leadership qualities, demonstrated a tough, but empathetic style.

So where the knowledge and confidence come from?

The young man already has three higher educations, Law and two Coaching, begins to work on his thesis!

He studied at the coaching clinics of the Ettore Messina and Don Casey; last summer visited the NBA Summer League in Orlando and Las Vegas.

Two summers in the row he has been an intern of the Head Coach of the national team of Ukraine – Mike Fratello.

From 20 years old he worked as an assistant in the Ukrainian Superleague clubs.

In the coaching staff of “UNICS Kazan”, Fomichov reached the final of “Eurocup” and won the “Cup of Russia.” He is one of Europe’s best basketball analytics; he also worked as a scout of the “CSKA” Moscow.

Maksym has proved a competent psychologist. After every second win, Fomichov treated players a beer and posted photos in “Instagram.” This method is not only helped to the young coach to respect players around him, but has attracted extra attention from the press and fans. The team considered as the main outsider at the beginning of the season, became the main “newsmaker”, while the head coach surprised with his precocious mature ability to communicate with journalists! Thus, Fomichov showed result and on the court and outside of it!

If you have problems with communications, your best player is only 5 years younger than your father, you do not know how to motivate players (who do not receive salary for more than 3 months) call Maks Fomichov, he is able to successfully overcome the difficulties.

I am sure that this young man will not get lost in the strongest league in the world. The guy is already able to benefit any team and attract new fans to the stands! Soviet immigrants rush to see “their” boy from Odessa, because only in New York are living more than 1.5 millions of them! Hello to “Brooklyn” and “Knicks’

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