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Ben Simmons opens up about his exchange with Shaq

Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most vocal critics of Ben Simmons. The four-time NBA champion who, like Simmons, attended LSU in college, has called out the Nets point guard on a number of times.

In one incident the Lakers legend criticized Simmons for sending him a direct message and ‘acting like a baby.’ The 26-year-old point guard was a guest on his The Old Man and The Three podcast, hosted by his former teammate JJ Redick on which he talked about his direct message.

Via Rexwell Vilas of ClutchPoints:

“I DM’d him and I was like, ‘why are you saying this if you don’t even know the story?’ ‘Cause he always wants to say like yo, we’re LSU brothers, you’re my brother, all this, that. If you’re my LSU brother you would’ve reached out by now and it’s been months since I’ve been dealing with this. You ain’t reached out once and said like, ‘hey, you OK? Like, what’s going on.’”

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