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Udonis Haslem says he would a ‘hybrid’ owner

Via theScore.com

Heat veteran Udonis Haslem is the oldest active player in the NBA. At age 42 he is set to start his final season which will be his 20th in the league.

When he retires, Haslem wants to become a part owner of the Heat, a team that he remained loyal to his whole professional career. He already has an idea of what type of owner he would be.

Via Anthony Chiang of Miami Herald:

“Hybrid. I want to do everything,” Haslem said. “I want to learn everything from ticket sales to marketing. I want to travel, I want to be at practice. I want to actually be an owner that’s going to bring value and add value. I think the respect that I have around this league is probably second to none. That’s not me bragging. That’s just what I’ve gathered from everybody.”

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