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Warriors star Draymond Green blasts NBA’s punishment against Robert Sarver; Calls officials to vote for removal of Suns owner

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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is joining the majority with regards to the decision handed on the embattled Robert Sarver.

Green expressed his concerns on the latest episode of his podcast, citing that it is “bulls–t” that the Phoenix Suns owner will represent the views of the NBA amid the punishments.

“This report that came out last week is the total opposite of everything that the NBA stands for,” Green said (10:55 mark), per B/R’s Tyler Conway. “And so to think that someone like Robert Sarver, that is acting in that manner, can continue to represent us? That’s bulls–t. You can’t continue to represent way more people than yourself with those views. With speaking to people the way he did, with treating African Americans and women the way he has. That’s not OK.”

He is also calling for the league officials to have a voting in order to terminate Sarver.

“It’s a little baffling to me that we’ll walk into the arena next year,” Green said on his podcast (h/t ESPN’s Baxter Holmes). “The Phoenix Suns will walk into the arena next year, he’ll sit on the sideline and we’ll just continue on playing. So the one thing that I am going to need is someone to explain to me why is it that it was OK to get rid of [LA Clippers owner Donald] Sterling, but it’s not possible to force Robert Sarver to sell after what we read?

“… I’m asking that there be a vote. If that’s the only way, then let’s see what those numbers are. Let’s see what they are.”

Sarver, who was slapped a one-year ownership duties, a $10MM fine and mandatory compliance in training programs about respect and workplace conduct, has faced a much lighter sanctions when compared to Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who was forcibly removed due to his racist remarks.

Though NBA Commissioner Adam Silver already took a stance regarding the comparisons, several league faces in the likes of LeBron James and Chris Paul have provided their criticisms, wherein they felt that the league came up short in providing the justifiable penalties.

Meanwhile, Suns minority owner Jahn Najafi has called for the immediate resignation of Sarver. At the business side, multinational company PayPal already expressed their intent to not renew their jersey patch partnership with the franchise once Sarver will remain in his position.

Dray reacts to Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver's suspension & fine | Draymond Green Show
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