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5 Best College Basketball Programs This Decade

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Are you an athlete looking for a college basketball program with the right blend of success and community support? You’re in luck! This article reviews the top five college basketball programs this decade, rating them by performance, opportunities, and fan ratings.

The schools get adequate funding to keep the facilities in tip-top shape, ensuring you train more. And while you are busy with practice, a team of reliable paper writing service writers can do my essay and handle your schoolwork. Joining any of these programs will ensure you develop your basketball skills and become a top recruit.

University of Kansas — The Kansas Jayhawks

If you are focused on success and the chance to win many titles, look no further than the Kansas Jayhawks. This team has the most wins in college basketball history, recently overtaking the Wildcats with a historic 2354th victory against Providence. The team has an enviable eight conference titles, going 287-69 (80.6%), and has never dropped below the fourth position in the last decade.

For an aspiring varsity athlete, these numbers represent success and a bigger budget to encourage student-athletes to compete. You can apply to the school’s athletic financial aid, targeting the Head Count and Equivalency Sports, where you can get financial assistance based on your athletic skills and competitiveness in the team.

University of Kentucky — The Kentucky Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats used to have the highest win percentage of any varsity team for a while. It had the tagline The Winningest Program, gracefully sitting on its Twitter bio until recently usurped by The Kansas Jayhawks. And the team had a two-win lead over the Jayhawks at the turn of the year.

With a 263-87 (75.1%) record, The Kentucky Wildcats are no slouches, having bagged a national title and reached the Final Four three times. The 2015 team still holds the record for being the most efficient in recorded history. 

Student-athletes can aspire to reach those heights through The Kentucky Road program. They will get financial support and even lifetime scholarships.

Baylor University — The Baylor Bears

Students interested in playing for a team on the rise should consider joining the Baylor Bears. The university’s sports program wasn’t enviable until coach Scott Drew turned things around. The Bears became formidable under him, turning up on the big scene of college basketball with an 81-13 (86.2%) record and a commendable title run in the NCAA in 2021.

As for silverware, the Baylor Bears have won national titles for the men’s and women’s basketball teams, with the latest win going to the men in 2021. 

Before basketball discussions begin, students need above-average high school grades to get into the university. About 34% of student-athletes will enjoy athletic scholarships for competing in the NCAA Division 1 and 2, NAIA, and NJCAA tournaments.

Villanova University — The Villanova Wildcats

For consistency at the top level, student-athletes will love playing for the Villanova Wildcats. This basketball program has appeared 39 times in the NCAA, with only seven teams making more appearances at the elite level of college basketball. And the Wildcats don’t just show up. They win, too, with two national titles in the last decade.

Its 2018 team was a gem, taking the NCAA tournament by storm. And if you need more proof of this school’s basketball program’s ability to raise generational talent, look no further than Jalen Brunson. This one-time Villanova Wildcat is the point guard for the New York Knicks, a two-time NCAA champion, and one of the best second-gen NBA players.

The school offers need-based, academic, and athletic scholarships to student-athletes. You can make the best of this opportunity by filling out the recruitment form, putting your online athletic profile out there, and creating a relationship with the coaching staff.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — The North Carolina Tar Heels

Imagine walking the same halls and rocking the same colors as Michael Jordan. That’s what you get when you join the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The program has been almost as successful as its legendary prodigy, with seven men’s basketball championships in its trophy cabinet. From facilities like the Roy Williams Court that will make your jaw drop to policies prioritizing the athletes, staff, and a sense of community, getting into this program is wise.

UNC’s Department Of Athletics budgets millions annually for athletic financial aid. And the school offers financial assistance to student-athletes. So, expect academic support, including career advice, tutoring, and athletic support for NCAA eligibility.


These five college basketball programs are successful, and most have been for a long time. Their record of national titles, Final Four finishes, excellent facilities, and all-time great alums speaks volumes of the quality student-athletes can expect. Joining them will help aspiring basketball stars build their basketball skills on the national stage.

And the schools guarantee opportunities for student-athletes to thrive with academic and athletic financial aid. So, if you are a student-athlete looking for the ideal college basketball program, you can’t go wrong with any recommendations in this article.

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