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Report: Discussions now taking place for a friendly between Metropolitans 92-G League Ignite 

Photo: F. Blaise via in-24.com

Basketball fans around the world could have a sneak peek soon of how Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson will fare to each other before they even potentially hit the NBA’s draft board next year.

As reported by draft expert and insider Rafael Barlowe, there are now ongoing discussions of a friendly matchup between Metropolitans 92 and G League Ignite, teams that are holding Wembanyama and Henderson, respectively.

The said event, as noted by Barlowe, is slated to take place in early October in Las Vegas.

Both Wembanyama and Henderson stand as two of the most highly-coveted prospects which may enter the 2023 NBA Draft class. As relayed last month by HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto, league executives believe that both of them will fight for the right to become the No. 1 overall pick of the next rookie selection by the association.

Standing at seven-foot-three with a lanky frame, the French Wembanyama is widely regarded as a generational player due to a unique mixture of talent, size and renowned basketball skills at age 18.

Meanwhile, Henderson is being touted as an NBA-ready guard with that explosive demeanor, rugged body frame and outstanding slashing ability.

Other than the two, Nick Smith, Ausar Thompson, and Dariq Whitehead are also some of the talented cagers to watch going into next year’s draft.

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