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Eiffel tower guy reloaded: Basketball edition (pics)

By now almost everybody has heard of the guy that asked for the Eiffel tower to be photoshopped under his finger at 4Chan and the result of that request (if not click here).

Well the guy’s name is actually Sid Frisjes and he is a Belgian food and culinary blogger. We checked out his Instagram account and to our delight we found this picture, shot at Centre Pompidou in Paris.:

Of course we didn’t loose any time. We posted a request at 4Chan as well, for the ball to be photoshopped over his finger (or his finger under the ball). This is the result (note: there are many “hidden” details):

Someone actually did it (??!?!)

Found Waldo!

Remember Toasty anyone?

Oh, look, there’s Putin!

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