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Trae Young on his combo with Dejounte Murray: ‘Kind of scary, people don’t understand how dynamic we can be’

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Trae Young has enforced a warning and daunting challenge against those who will dare to face him and his new Atlanta Hawks partner in crime Dejounte Murray. 

“Yeah, I mean that’s kind of scary, if you think about it,” Young said in an interview from Yahoo! Sports’ Vincent Goodwill. “I mean, I think people don’t really understand, I mean, how dynamic of a backcourt that can be, I mean, with two guys who can score. I mean, both can score 20 plus. Both can get nine plus assists a game. You can’t really double one or the other, and if you do, you really pick your poison, because we have other weapons around. So it’s gonna be a fun season, and I think, I mean, having another guard, like Dejounte, who can playmake and that sort of thing, it’s gonna to be good for us.”

The Hawks took a gamble and sacrificed their future assets in order to acquire Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. The deal gave the club a fearsome, two-headed monster at their backcourt slate.

The partnership of Young and Murray serves like fire and water – wherein they blend with each other amid specialties. Young can handle the primary scoring load with his flurry of threes and offensive reputation, with Murray taking care of the two-way job to cover him. 

As the Eastern Conference continues to become a harsh battle land, Atlanta has retooled very well to compete for next season with this acquisition of the one-time All-star. Indeed, more exciting times are about to come in town.

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