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James Dolan selling Knicks a ‘possibility’ — analyst

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

There is a possibility that James Dolan will put the New York Knicks on the market table. 

MSG analyst Jonathan Boyar opines that there is a chance that the Knicks, together with the New York Rangers, will be sold by Dolan once MSG entertainment finishes its ‘The Sphere’  project in Las Vegas. 

(h/t Nico Martinez of Fadeaway World):

“The enterprise value is about $4.7 billion. The Knicks were just valued at about $6 billion. So essentially, you’re getting paid to own the Rangers/Knicks. Their sister company, MSG entertainment, is currently about to finish a project in Las Vegas called ‘the sphere’ and we think it’s likely that after that is done, James Dolan, who controls the company, will sell the teams…”

Dolan became the owner of the Knicks in 1999. Since then, the franchise went upside-down under his control. 

Despite being one of the most prized franchises in the NBA, the Knicks weren’t able to capitalize their influence to win that elusive title since the early 70s.

Dolan’s management of the club has gained widespread condemnation amongst the lifelong Knicks fans and the sports media. 

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