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Former Suns lead exec Jerry Colangelo would ‘love to see’ Kevin Durant land in Phoenix

Photo: Meng Yongmin | Xinhua via Getty Images

Former Phoenix lead executive Jerry Colangelo holds the same ideals with the hoping Suns supporters about potentially landing Kevin Durant. 

The Suns emerged as a probable candidate to snag Durant in the earlier parts of the offseason. As such, in an interview with The Athletic’s Doug Haller, Colangelo stated that he’ll be delighted once the Suns manage to make it and acquire the future hall of famer. 

“Obviously, if there’s a way for him to get to Phoenix and play with Booker and Paul,” Colangelo said, noting the Suns should aggressively hunt to make a move. “Chris is near the end, I’m not saying he’s at the end. But if (Durant) can get a couple years with those two guys, they could be great years for the Suns. I’d love to see that.”

But looking realistically on the current contract situation of Phoenix, landing Durant will be a long shot and a miraculous feat. 

Upon the restricted free agency signing of Deandre Ayton, Shams Charania of The Athletic already made it clear that the Suns are out of the Durant sweepstakes. It is notable also that the Brooklyn Nets are not lowering their all-time asking price for the two-time champion, and offering Mikal Bridges and some key assets will make GM Sean Marks to furiously hang up the call for almost a second. 

For now, the standoff between Durant and the Nets brass remains stern as it is. While the Suns are now out of the race, they can still move forward with their solid core and help Ayton and Bridges to take a huge leap of development towards their career. 

Though the past two seasons were disappointing due to failure of capitalizing their title window, Phoenix can only hope for more pivotal opportunities to come which can be seized based on their availabilities. 

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