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How to Ball: The NBA Finals

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The NBA is the pro division of America’s national basketball league, consisting of 30 teams in two conferences. Outside the United States, there are not too many countries with pro basketball leagues like the NBA, making it one of the most followed and televised sports globally. So if you like basketball, you have got to love the NBA. To ball in this big event is by no means a fluke. You will have to get drafted into a team via a selection system, and since there is a limited number of teams, scouting talents occur at a young age to snap the best at the draft once they become eligible.

A player becomes eligible at the age of 19 to be drafted into the NBA. Anyone below this age is considered a minor or underage as per the contract of the league. Players to be drafted will also be required to have undertaken a college basketball program or something similar if they are international players. 

The draft, as a whole, is a unique selection process of players and is unique to the NBA. It’s skewed to favor the lowest ranking teams with the best talent. However, it’s a technical process, not a straightforward one, in which teams can trade draft picks for something considered more valuable. 

Regular Season

In the regular season, all the teams in the NBA have to jostle between dunks, shoot, and free throws on the court to score points that decide who makes it to the playoffs.

The regular season is an 82-game season played over 19 weeks non-stop, and it’s not unusual for a game to be on, even if it falls in a holiday season. The Toronto Raptors are the only team outside the U.S. in the NBA.

Across different eras, the league has seen terrific players skilled in various departments ply their trade in the game. In one way or another, these players have influenced the league and incited fans to include them in the G.O.A.T. debate (Greatest Of All Time). While some might say it’s Michael Jordan, others might argue it’s the late Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or someone else not mentioned here. 

Whoever you name, I am pretty sure you have enough reason or bias with your choice because, over the last couple of decades, the league has continued to improve in every aspect, especially in talent abundance. Now you have ridiculous talent who can shoot a bucket from downtown at any instance of time.

The Playoffs Season

 The Playoffs season is the post/offseason of the NBA. It begins in April after the completion of the regular season. To be in the playoffs, you must be among the top 8 teams in your conference. The offseason determines who wins the championship ring and trophy. The most recent edition, NBA 2K22, saw the Golden States Warriors emerge champion after defeating The Celtics in the finals. Currently, no team has more Playoff titles than the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics – both are tied with 17 titles.

NBA Playoffs Finals

The NBA Finals is the climax of the NBA. playoffs, and of 30 possible active franchises in the league, only 19 have managed to lift the trophy. The two conferences are not far apart on wins, with the Eastern Conference slightly ahead with 38 wins from 10 franchises and the Western Conference with 35 wins from nine franchises. Now that you understand the NBA. system of playoffs, which team will you pick for your NBA Finals betting?

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