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Miami’s Omer Yurtseven addresses non inclusion in Turkish Nat’l Team for EuroBasket

As he won’t join the Turkish National Team in the upcoming EuroBasket tournament this September, Omer Yurtseven addressed the issues being pointed directed to him.

Posting a personal statement in his Twitter account, the big man made it clear that he won’t play for his country, as he further criticized the Turkish media’s narratives that he didn’t participate in his team’s training camp.

“I won’t have hard feelings with Turkish NT despite media manipulations” Yurtseven’s tweet said (translation credit to BasketNews).

“I wanted you to hear from me personally the missing parts in the news these days when you read the news that ‘I did not attend the national team camp without permission’ written by a single person without even calling me.

“I think you will understand much better when you put yourself in the subject instead of reading what I am going to say as a response to the news,” he further added.

Several European news outlets have confirmed that Yurtseven didn’t travel to Bormio, Italy to join the Turkish national team training camp for the upcoming tourney. Reports suggested that he didn’t inform nor asked permission from the club’s federation that he will skip the said event.

As such, it may seem that he is much more committed in his time and development around the Miami Heat, with the 2022-2023 season’s training camp also about to start in September.

On the flip side, Miami didn’t allow their rookie, Nikola Jovic, to join Serbia in the EuroBasket, which could suggest that all of the team’s personnel are heavily focused on the impending basketball year.

Without a decent replacement yet for P.J. Tucker, the franchise may lean towards giving Yurtseven an ample playing time and on-court mesh up with Bam Adebayo.

“I may not have been able to participate in this tournament, but my coaches, managers, and friends who know me best are the ones who know best that if I am called in the Olympic Games and the World Championships, I will go running.”

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