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Seth Curry on Ben Simmons: “I don’t think he needs a jump shot”

Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Arguably the main weakness of Ben Simmons that he has not been able to correct yet is shooting. The 26-year-old point guard struggles with his free-throws, three-pointers and jump shots.

The Australian is making just 14.7% of his shots from beyond the arc. He took just 34 three-point attempts over the four seasons that he has played in the NBA.

When it comes to free-throws, Simmons’ career percentage is higher – 59.7% – but still very low, especially for a point guard. However, his new teammate Seth Curry thinks that the three-time NBA All-Star should not worry too much about it and instead focus on what he does best.

Via The Australian:

Seth Curry said Ben Simmons need not bother searching for a shooting mentality and should instead focus on his unique strengths. “I don’t think he needs a jump shot,” he told News Corp. “He’s just got to do what he does best – which is defend, rebound, push the ball, make plays for other people and attack the rim. “When you’ve got the size and talent like him, who takes not one but two and sometimes three guys to stop him getting to the rim, that is a lot in itself.”

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