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Steph Curry responds on a question if he ruined or elevated today’s NBA due to shooting overreliance: ‘There’s always going to be people that love it and people that hate it’

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As the de facto cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry indeed revolutionized the game of basketball.

Positioning himself as the main man of the hybrid pace and space system of Steve Kerr, Curry was encouraged to run the show, jack up threes as many as he can, and transform into an offensive flamethrower. These profound tactics helped him win two league Most Valuable Player honors and four NBA championships with the Dubs for the last eight seasons.

As such, the success of both him and the Warriors have translated into an influence that the league has adapted since then. Other clubs have also settled in prioritizing the long bombs, settling towards versatility, and go for a fast-paced game – which raised the eyebrows of some critics and traditionalists on how the game has changed rapidly.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Magazine, the future hall of famer was asked to weigh in a Twitter question that says “Did the Golden State Warriors point guard ruin or elevate the game of basketball?”

As a response, Curry provided insightful words that are worthy enough to be noted closely.

“Anytime you change or disrupt the way a game is played or the way something’s been done for years, for decades, there’s always going to be people that love it and people that hate it,” Curry said after the ESPY Awards in L.A. on Wednesday.

“It’s just stretching people’s imagination of what’s possible out there on the court and for young kids to know it’s possible—but you have to work for it,” he added. “It takes time, so many reps, a lot of focus and dedication and discipline, but it’s possible.”

Change is inevitable, and this answer by Curry only proves it for the four corners of the court.

The way Curry graced the court is indeed a double-edged sword, but we can only settle and appreciate the modification that he contributed. He gave much emphasis on shooting and dynamics that every player should be crafting for themselves in today’s era.

At the end of the day, no one can deny that the superstar point man literally made basketball a fun and dazzling game to watch and play. 

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