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Jazz exec Danny Ainge looking for seven of eight FRP from Knicks to give up Donovan Mitchell — report

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The top honcho of the Utah Jazz brass is determined to gain a big-time return for Donovan Mitchell.

And it will be a daunting one to match for the New York Knicks.

NBA insider Marc Stein has provided that Danny Ainge is looking to steer for a much deeper haul of rookie picks from the Knicks in order to pull a Mitchell trade trigger.

“My intel has been that the Knicks are trying to do this only surrendering four or five firsts,” Stein detailed recently (via HoopsHype). “But someone I trust told me today that they think that Danny (Ainge) was going for seven of the eight firsts.”

The Jazz have already landed one of the most jaw-dropping trades in NBA history at the expense of their longtime defensive tower Rudy Gobert, trading him to the Minnesota Timberwolves for a lucrative package that involves four first-round selections and an additional pick swap.

As such, following this successful transaction, it’s a no-brainer that the club management is truly convinced to gain further hefty assets to pile up on their war chest in exchange for Mitchell, who is only at 25 years of age and now a three-time All-star.

The Knicks, upon winning the Jalen Brunson sweepstakes this offseason, looks gallant and powered to negotiate additional moves for next season, but this demand of Ainge may seem to be a high risk-high reward to be accepted in order to gain the hometown kid.

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