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Canadian Basketball Teams That Are Sponsored By Online Casinos

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The online casino industry has been quite prevalent over the last few years, and its popularity across the globe only continues to soar higher. While many would claim that its mainstream success is due to the evolution of technology over the years, the online casino industry also committed some effort to ensure that success. One of the popular reasons for its continued advancements in fame across the globe is due to technological advancements, bonuses and rewards being offered, comfort, variety of games, and extensive marking, which extends to sponsorships being signed with popular sports teams across the globe.

Sports and gambling have always been complementary to each other. They are both linked by both the fan base in all sports and as well as the promotional and financial links being offered. Another thing the sports and online casino industries have in common is that both industries have been growing tremendously over the last few years, and none show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

In Canada, the online casino industry is one of the most lucrative industries across the country. But this isn’t surprising as the Canadians have a deep history with all things related to gambling. In fact, following the legalization of other forms of sports betting in the country, the Ontario government ventured into the online gambling world by launching its own new open market for online casinos that wish to operate within its province. Due to this, the Ontario government is expected to see a new rise in revenue at the end of 2022.

Before all that happened, the online gambling industry already had few sponsorship deals with sports teams competing in Canada. While there are only a few of them for now, with the legalization of single-sports betting, more online casinos and gambling platforms are expected to surge into the Canadian sports teams in the coming years. Here are a few Canadian basketball teams that are being sponsored by online casinos. Want to know more about online gambling in Canada? You can easily click here and find all information about this emerging market!

Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) & BetCris

Back in January 2020, The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) announced its partnership deal with Betcris, a giant in the online sports betting and casino industry. The deal signed will see the online casino platform provide the fans of CEBL with an improved live online betting experience through several platforms.

The partnership deal saw Betcris become the official online gambling sponsor for the Canadian Elite Basketball League. Despite being established in 2006, Betcris rose to the top quickly in the online gambling space and became a popular choice amongst gamblers across the world. Its deal with the CEBL will see it soar in popularity within the Canadian borders for a while.

Toronto Raptors & PointsBet Canada

Toronto Raptors is one of the many Canadian basketball teams that made it into the NBA. However, it is the only Canadian team left and the Canucks are extremely supportive of this NBA team. It currently has PointsBet Canada as its official sports betting sponsor.

However, this deal was not signed by the franchise but instead by its parent company, Maple Sports Leaf Entertainment, a Canadian company that also owns Toronto Argonauts (CFL), Toronto FC (MLS), and Toronto Marlies (AHL), and Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL). Just like BetCris, PointsBet Canada is an online gambling platform that offers both sportsbook and online casino games.


These two are currently the only Canadian Basketball teams being sponsored by online casinos. But with the C-218 bill passed to legalize all forms of sports betting, we should be expecting to see more in the coming years.

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