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Draymond Green during Championship Parade: “Thank you all and as always f*ck everybody else”

Now four-time NBA champion Draymond Green addressed the crowd during the Warriors Championship Parade in San Francisco as he made an epic speech.

“This has been an amazing year,” the Warriors forward said. “I told y’all ‘Don’t let us win a f*cking championship’ and clearly nobody could stop it. I warned y’all. I’m just going to continue to destroy people on Twitter as I have been and Instagram stories.

“I really love this group and when I say ‘this group’ I mean this entire group. There were times where we won a championship and everything didn’t have to be aligned. You were just that good.

“And for this to work every single person up here had to be aligned and it’s so special. You talk about which championship means more and the reality is every single one of them it has its own journey. I was numb to the entire feeling after the game because of the journey that this was.

“What you appreciate about the journey is the people that go through it with. And what brings me the most joy, I know everybody probably think is talking sh*t, but what brings me the most joy in winning a championship ever since I won my first one is seeing the guys who win it the first time because in your journey you always want that feeling back, like that first time you do it.

“You want that feeling back and the reality is you never get it again and the only way to truly get it is to feel it through Andrew Wiggins, is to feel it through Jordan Poole, it’s to feel it through Otto Porter and Belly, and Moses, and JK, and GP, D-Lee – this ain’t D-Lee the first time around – but you feel it through those guys and that’s how you get that sensation again. I just want to say thank you all and as always f*ck everybody else.”

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