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Draymond Green slams analysts that ‘don’t know basketball’ and just chase controversy

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Draymond Green dedicated the final segment of his podcast to talk about the basketball media, specifically the analyst, that, according to him, don’t know basketball.

“If you know the game of basketball, basketball will give you enough to talk about,” the Warriors forward said. “The problem is all of these people talking about basketball that don’t know basketball. And so, what do you do? You chase controversy.

“The new media, we don’t do that. That’s why you see JJ Redick flourishing, that’s why you see CJ McCollum flourishing, that’s why you see me flourishing. So, we don’t do that. We simply talk the game that we know and embrace it, teach. That’s what these spots are about.

“How do you teach the game? How do you teach the fans the game. These people that think they know the game of basketball but don’t really know. How does JJ Redick go up there and teach the game? That’s the new media. We give flowers when flowers are due. We don’t have to try to build a guy up for a week to tear them down next week.

“So, I got something to talk about that’s the new media. Respect and integrity on the job about the job. I remember days when you didn’t go on a TV show and cheer for another team. You go on and give analysis. Nobody gonna give a damn who you cheering for.”

The four-time NBA champion also pointed at a former player and current analyst Kendrick Perkins with whom he had a beef recently.

“You got fools like Kendrick Perkins come dressing like a clown, come up here in a jail suit and then you leave the game earl y tonight. Stand on your word, brother. You gotta stand on that. One thing’s for certain, I’ma stand on my full-time champ. I’m out.”

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