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Ime Udoka: “I think the biggest part for us is the IQ section”

Photo: Charles Krupa/AP

Boston head coach Ime Udoka believes playing high IQ basketball is an area that the Celtics need to work on going forward.

(Via CLNS Media):

“Yeah, I think not playing our best, probably playing our worst overall series is motivation enough. We have very highly motivated guys that didn’t play their best, honestly. We’re all going to grind away in the summer and improve in certain ways. But, I think the biggest part for us is the IQ section. That’s where we saw a huge difference in consistency with us and Golden State, just the little things that experience only can teach you. For us, that’s the message. Obviously, losing on a buzzer-beater against Ray Allen when I was in San Antonio will kinda fuel you throughout a whole season. 

“But this was a little bit different. We improved in a lot of areas, but fell short of our ultimate goal and some guys didn’t play their best. So that’s going to motivate guys throughout the season. But like I said, the message is everybody come back better. Let’s not be satisfied. It’s not guaranteed you’re going to be here. The East is getting tougher every year. They’ll come back better. We will as a staff as well.”

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