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Draymond Green says he tried to take pieces from Boris Diaw on offense, Dennis Rodman, Kurt Thomas, & Chuck Hayes on defense

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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green gave credit to Boris Diaw, Dennis Rodman, Kurt Thomas, & Chuck Hayes as players he incorporated skills from.

(Via JER- Sports Journalist):

“I think for me, I studied Boris Diaw so much early in my career and just how he moved the ball and how he used DHOs, and more so than a specific action, how he out-thought the opponent, was very special to me. When I look at myself on the defensive end, I’ve tried to take things from a lot of guys. I’ve tried to incorporate some things that Dennis Rodman did to have success, Kurt Thomas and Chuck Hayes and how they were undersized but the way that they guarded on the block, two of the best post defenders at their size that I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t back down either one of those guys. I’ve tried to add that to my game on that side of the ball, but ultimately understanding that I didn’t want to be a carbon copy of anybody.

I wanted to come in and make people say, ‘Who is the next Draymond?’ Not, ‘Man, can Draymond be like this guy?’ I didn’t want that for me. I didn’t think there was a path for me to success, for me to go and try to emulate someone else. I thought my path to success would be based on what I can bring to the table, and if there was something that I could recreate in our situation. So that was kinda the biggest thing for me.”

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