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Marcus Smart on Game 4: “We just didn’t execute late down the stretch”

The Warriors held the Celtics to just 19 points in the fourth quarter to win Game 4 in Boston and tie the NBA Finals series. Jayson Tatum said after the game that his team got too stagnant late in the final period.

His opinion was echoed by Marcus Smart who also pointed at the lack of movement off the ball. “We just didn’t execute late down the stretch,” he said postgame. “They won on a run early on in the third, we sustained it, made a run of our own. After that we just couldn’t execute.”

“Like Derrick [White] said, we got ball watching the guy with the ball instead of just moving like we’ve been doing,” the Defensive Player of the Year added.

“The handler it’s kind of hard because you’re trying to tell everybody to do something while making sure you still see the lay with the guy in front of you. And you’ve been taught to make a play.

“So, for us we just got to move plain and simple. If the ball gets stuck and you see it just go screen somebody. But we have to move. We cannot let the ball get stagnant and let them load up on us.”

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