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Steph Curry on Robert Williams: “He’s an amazing rim protector”

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Boston Celtics center Robert Williams came up with 4 blocks in Game 1 of the NBA Finals vs. the Golden State Warriors.

After Boston’s win, former MVP Steph Curry touched on Williams’s skillset as a defender/rim protector in the paint.

(Via House of Highlights):

“That’s his skill set in the league. He’s an amazing rim protector. Especially when he’s off the ball, he can roam a little bit. He comes out of nowhere. He can contest shots to the rim. It’s also just feeling him in space, too, because I think he blocked one of my threes at one point. Just you kind of underestimate his length. That’s the beauty of this series and looking forward to playing a team like that and a guy like that, the adjustments of how you would have felt like out what the looks were, where we got in trouble a little bit, and making the adjustments for the next game. Usually in the regular season, you’ll see that at some point. It’s a different experience. We’ll be ready for Sunday.”

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