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NBA Mock Draft Notes: Don’t Sleep On The G League Ignite & Overseas Players

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Besides Dyson Daniels & Ousmane Dieng, most mocks are low on the G League Ignite & international players who didn’t play college basketball, but I totally disagree.

  • We’ve heard about the buzz Dyson Daniels & Ousmane Dieng are creating as of late to go in the lottery and it’s well deserved, but other than Daniels & Dieng I can’t really understand why no one else is talking too highly of talented players like Nikola Jovic, Jaden Hardy, Ismael Kamagate, MarJon Beauchamp, Karlo Matkovic, Michael Foster, Jean Montero, Khalifa Diop, Ibou Dianko Badji, Yannick Nzosa, Matteo Spagnolo, Gabriele Procida, and Hugo Besson.
  • The other G-League Ignite players I named all passed the eye test this season when it came to showing off NBA skills. Hardy did it with his scoring, ball handling, & passing, while Beauchamp & Foster proved that they already have NBA ready bodies & IQ’s that should help turn themselves into efficient role players at the next level.
  • As for the remaining overseas players, wings Jovic, Montero, Spagnolo, Procida, & Besson proved they can produce offense at a high level over the past year while big men Kamagate, Matkovic, Diop, Badji, & Nzosa displayed solid fundamental skills that most American power forward/center prospects don’t have.

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