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Draymond Green reacts to Andrew Wiggins’ poster over Luka Doncic

Andrew Wiggins made the most impressive play of this year’s playoffs by posterizing Luka Doncic in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.

Even the Slovenian superstar, who was the victim of the poster, admitted that it was an impressive play. Wiggins’ teammate Draymond Green also thinks that the dunk was amazing.

He emphasized the fact that it wasn’t just a great dunk but that it was made over a superstar which gives the dunk more significance.

“Dunking on someone is incredible. You get momentum. It just feel good to dunk on somebody. But to dunk on Luka that’s a different thing” Green said on his podcast.

“It’s one thing to dunk on somebody, that’s great, but when you dunk one one of the guys, like, Luka as we all know Luka one of them ones. He one of the guys. When you get to dunk on one of the guys it’s like much much bigger.

“Such an incredible dunk. I hate that the play was stopped by the offensive foul call. Although we still got the two points and the dunk counted, it just sucks that those emotional weren’t able to be felt right then during that game.

“Once the review happens and it counts and all of that, like, that’s cool but it’s not the same emotion. than when a dunk just happened. If Luka has to get up off the floor and dribble the ball up and Wiggins is picking him up full court, that’s a totally different thing.”

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