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Shane Larkin: “We deserved this”

Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Anadolu Efes is back to back champion by beating Real Madrid in the Finals of the EuroLeague with the result of 58-57 and Shane Larkin was more than glad to talk about his team success.

“I think everything we did together, everything we did here is because we believed. And I think that is the most important thing. To believe, and we believe in each other. Also, I think we deserved it. After last time, we again had our chance this year and we took it and also. We came once again and made a history here”, said Larkin who was asked if the team will stay together or this generation will go their own ways.

“I don’t know what will happen in the future and not just me. No-body is thinking that far. Everybody is talking to their kids, their family and just enjoying the moment. Right now, we will just celebrate this, we deserved it”.

The beginning of the season was tough for Anadolu Efes, maybe even team’s lowest point was during the that part of the year.

“The beginning of the year was difficult and I know for sure that a lot of people were thinking that we are in trouble. They were gossiping about relationships within the team, thinking that they knew better what is going on. Trying to find the reason for our bad start and it is always a same thing every year. But we stood up, did what we needed to do. Believed that we could get here and we did and now we won it once again”.

Before the game with Real, Larkin and his teammates were talking about the fans in the Arena. A lot of the were from Greece and Anadolu beat Greek club in the semi-finals do they din’t know who will crowd support in the Finals. And the mystery was solved when everyone in the Štark Arena could see significant number of people in the colors of club from Istanbul.

“I am glad that they have chosen us. They were cheering and we felt great because of that. We have a lot of fans as well, so to win this game the way we did, fighting till the end we needed their affection and now it feels amazing”, finished Larkin.

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