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Patrick Beverley on Chris Paul: “He’s a cone. … Give him the Ben Simmons slander”

Patrick Beverley did not pick his words when talking about Chris Paul following the Suns’ humiliating loss in Game 7 of the second round series against the Mavericks.

The Timberwolves point guard slammed Paul’s defense, saying that he cannot guard anybody in the NBA and that everybody in the league knows that. He pointed at the fact that Dallas exploited CP’s lack of dense in the series.

Beverley told sports analyst Stephen A. Smith to give the Phoenix superstar the same slander that he gives to Ben Simmons and Paul George.

“Ain’t nobody worry about Chris Paul when they play Phoenix Suns,” he said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Nobody in the NBA. … You wanna be really honest? He should have fouled out! He should have fouled out! The last game too. You see the replay against Brunson, hit him in the shoulder, hit him in the mouth. Refs don’t call anything. If that’s me ‘Oh, review it! Oh, flagrant 1!’ If that’s him, they don’t call it.

“So let’s not get it twisted, man. He should have fouled out. He can’t guard! He literally can’t guard! … CP can’t guard nobody man. Everybody in the NBA know that. Everybody know that. He’s a cone. … Give him the Ben Simmons slander. Give him the PG13 slander. Give him the slander that you give everybody.”

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