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The Biggest Surprises of the 2022 NBA Playoffs so Far

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The NBA playoffs have been an absolute treat for fans around the globe. All the teams that are fighting for a conference final spot right now completely deserve it and each series is more exciting than the next. We’ve also seen a lot of surprises this year starting with the Nets’ shocking sweep at the hands of the Celtics. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest surprises of the 2022 playoffs so far.

The Mighty Celtics

The Celtics are the team on everybody’s lips right now, and no one expected them to be that good after the up and down season they had. A lot of people were questioning if Tatum and Brown were strong enough of a one-two punch to beat the Nets, let alone be title contenders, but we’re now seeing how well constructed that team is.

Enough isn’t being said about Ime Udoka’s stellar work behind the bench either. This is his first time as head coach, and he has been able to keep this relatively inexperienced roster together and always seems to come up with the right plan. The way they’ve been able to completely neutralize who many believe to be the best player in the league in Kevin Durant should be commended and it was equal coaching and team effort.

The Celtics have also been getting a lot of attention among gamblers because of the upset potential they bring. Anyone who wants to make money during these playoffs would be wise to check out the odds on the Celtics and try online sportsbooks if they haven’t already. There are quite a few online sites as seen here that you could try your luck on, so give them a look if you’d like to get in on the action.

The Up and Down Play of James Harden

We never know which James Harden we’re going to see when he steps on the court. He might drop 35 points one day and get clamped down for 15 points the next. This isn’t what the Sixers expected when they picked up the three times scoring champion, but some of us knew that Harden would never be the same after the recent rule changes.

What remains to be seen is whether Harden can adapt to playing without drawing fouls or not. If he can’t, then we can expect him to be a good, but not great player, and certainly not the superstar he was back in Houston.

Ben Simmons No Show

The Ben Simmons story is easily one of the saddest and most troubling stories we’ve seen in the NBA so far. The fact that he wouldn’t even suit up for one game in that sweep against Boston should have the Nets worried. This is the first time we can remember a player basically saying they were afraid to come back, and the Nets may end up regretting the trade that looked so great on paper in the middle of the year. All we can hope is that Durant and Irving will take him under their wing and breathe some confidence into him.

These NBA playoffs are one for the ages and we honestly can’t tell how they’re going to play out. One thing for sure is that any team that gets the chip will have to fight through tough opposition.

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