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Kenny Smith says Bucks have ‘a lot of holes to fill’ on defense

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The Milwaukee Bucks were outscored 43-28 by the Boston Celtics in the 4th quarter of Game 4 last night, which left former pro/NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith with some concerns about coach Bud and his team’s defense.

(Via Inside the NBA):

“Ball movement has to be one of the keys. But I think defensively, he’s got a lot of holes to fill. I’ve said it since the start of the series, I just think Boston is a more balanced team. Not a better team, but a balanced team. Which will be better because they don’t have Middleton. So, defensively we have to shut the valve off on some guys. With Al getting 30. And Jaylen, he had a quiet, but productive 18. It wasn’t a bad 18 points where he shot 3 for 19. It wasn’t a bad 18 points. And Marcus Smart. So, you got balance around the board. 

“So, what you have to figure out is how do you make them less efficient? The first thing I would say is we have to attack the perimeter on defense better. I thought that they were a little bit too comfortable. Al was getting wide open threes. That might be the three you want him to take, but he cannot shoot wide open threes. I thought Jayson Tatum had too much ability to dance with the basketball. If you give a great player 4-5 seconds with the ball, he’s going to score. Get it out of his hands quicker and get to the three point line faster.”

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