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Jason Kidd: “Luka’s a problem in the post”

Photo: Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Luka Doncic’s play in the post has given the Phoenix Suns serious problems during the last two games. Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd praised Luka for his tremendous post skillset after Game 4.

(Via Dallas Mavericks):
“Luka’s a problem in the post. He’s strong enough and big enough to get to the basket. He’s just not a scorer there, he can find guys. And that’s what makes him dangerous. But the big thing is we’re trying to apply pressure. We’re trying to get the ball in the paint and not just settle because they’re a really good defensive team. If you just swing it around the three point line, you run up against the clock and take a tough three.”

Coach Jason Kidd | Round 2 Game 4 | Post Press Conference
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