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Daily Gossip, Thursday 26/3/15

Keeping with the usual NBA theme, we head to Italy, where Metta World Peace arrived at his new club Cantu and was welcomed by over 1,000 adoring fans.


The Panda's Friend

The Panda's Friend

World Peace was welcomed to Cantu earlier today and says that he is looking forward to playing in Europe because of how team-orientated the teams play their basketball.

Via AP:

“When Daniele (sporting director Daniele Della Fiori) told me about the possibility of signing Metta World Peace, I thought that this could be the right shock to boost the squad at a crucial time in our season,” Cantu president Anna Cremascoli said. “Metta will bring a wave of enthusiasm to the whole of Italian basketball and not just to Cantu.”

World Peace, 35, averaged 19 points and six rebounds in 15 games for Sichuan — where he also changed his name to “The Panda’s Friend” — but with the Chinese season over, he has turned to Italy.

World Peace won the NBA title in 2010 with the Lakers, where he also spent a season with Darius Johnson-Odom, who has been at Cantu since August.

“I’m happy, obviously,” Johnson-Odom said. “I’ve spoken to Metta on the phone and he’s very excited about this new adventure. I’m sure he will give us a great contribution, because we’re talking about an absolute champion.”


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