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Brandon Tatum: Dwyane Wade destroyed his son

Via chicagotribune.com

Former police officer Brandon Tatum slammed Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade for the way he is bringing up his son who identifies as a girl.

“If y’all don’t know, D-Wade didn’t let his boy grow up and turn into a girl,” Tatum said. “Now I get it to a certain degree. I disagree with it, I think it’s of the devil.

“But if your child really had this dysphoria, according to what you’re saying D-Wade, then you wanted to do what’s best for your child and make sure they don’t grow up confused and you allow them live their way through whatever they’re going through.

“But that’s not what you doing! You got the bar out here kissing another trans boy. You ain’t just letting them live. You’re thrusting them into a sexual misconduct situation. That ain’t right.”

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