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Warriors and Suns have the most expensive tickets in 1st round ever, Celts-Nets up 17%

  • With an average price of just over $950, the Warriors have the most expensive 1st round ticket prices in 2022, and the most expensive of any non-reduced capacity year.
  • The Phoenix Suns have the second-highest average price at $676, and have the second-highest price for any non-reduced capacity year.
  • Following game 1, both Celtics and Nets ticket prices have shot up, and the series average is up 17%.
  • Besides the Warriors, Suns, Celtics and Nets, the number 1 seed Miami Heat is the only other team with an average price of $600+.
  • The reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks have the 3rd cheapest 1st round ticket prices.

On the secondary market, the most expensive teams for the 2022 NBA playoffs are the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, as observed by ticketiQ. The Warriors’ home secondary market average list price for the 1st round is $956, while the Suns’ average is $676. The Boston Celtics ($646), Brooklyn Nets ($624), and Miami Heat ($616) are the only other teams with average prices north of $600, and round out the top 5.

Prices for the Celtics and Nets are also each up significantly since game one, with Celtics ticket prices rising 8% and Nets tickets rising 31%.

The reigning NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks highlights the teams at the bottom of the list. With an average price of $306, Bucks tickets for the 1st round are the third cheapest in the league. Other teams in the bottom five include the Pelicans ($330), the Jazz ($321), the Nuggets ($302), and the Timberwolves ($282).

Historically speaking, the Warriors and Suns both have the highest-priced 1st Round tickets for any season that did not have reduced capacity. Last year, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets both had average opening round prices above $1,000. This was due to having reduced capacity for their first two home games. The only other team in a non-reduced capacity year on the top 5 is the 2019 Brooklyn Nets, which had an average price of $674.

With the Warriors home average driving up the series average, the most expensive overall series is unsurprisingly the Warriors vs Nuggets. That Is one of only two series with an overall average price above $600.

The Celtics and Nets series is number two on the list with an average price of $636. Prices for the series are also on the rise, and have gone up 17% since game 1. If that trend continues, prices for the series could surpass $700.

The Suns vs Pelicans ($527) and Heat vs Hawks ($513) round out the top half of the list.

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