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LeBron James says this season has not been his worst experience in NBA

LeBron James came out and scored 38 points in a must-win game against the Pelicans but it wasn’t enough and the Lakers ended up losing narrowly.

Los Angeles is now in eleventh place in the Western Conference with 5 regular season games left to play. Even though the team still has chances to make the play-in tournament, it will be a difficult to overtake the tenth-placed Spurs.

The Lakers started the season as one of the top favorites to win a championship and now they are at the bottom half of the Western Conference fighting for the last spot in the play-in tournament.

But for James this isn’t his most challenging year. “My first year in Miami I made all the way to the Finals and lost,” the four-time NBA champion said after the New Orleans game. “That was the worst experience in my basketball career my first year in Miami…

“Getting all the way to where all came together and then losing in that Finals being up 2-1. That was the worst summer of my life but also the best summer of my life too because I got an opportunity to hone in on my game my summer and became a whole new basketball player going into following season.

“I hate losing, this is not what none of us signed up for but this is not the worst thing that has happened to me. This is not even close.”

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