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‘Disrespectful’: Jazz’ Quin Snyder addresses rumors about coaching candidacy from other teams

Photo: Associated Press

Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder is currently at the center of NBA discussion pertaining to the subject of coaching shift. From the previous days, various reports were scattered with regards to his long-term existence in Salt Lake City’s coaching helm – even bumped out by rumors that he’s a legitimate candidate for two of the most storied teams in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Both of the mentioned ball clubs have strong considerations regarding the tactician’s availability in the market if ever Utah will underachieve again in the upcoming postseason. Snyder was reportedly being targeted by the Spurs as the future successor of their beloved Gregg Popovich should it decide to put aside its coaching board after over 20 years on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Los Angeles, suffering from a season of turmoil, has its eyes on him should they decide to part ways with Frank Vogel.

But these ongoing loud talks don’t make sense for Snyder, as remains focused on what lies ahead in Utah’s contention in this 2021-2022 campaign. As such, he believes that these swirling rumors are plain disrespectful to those who are affiliated to him and the other names involved within the chatters.

“To be honest, having to address this type of question in any form, in my view, is disrespectful to the teams that are mentioned themselves,” Snyder on Wednesday when asked about his opinion on being mentioned in coaching rumors, via Andy Larsen of Salt Lake Tribune. “I think specifically, these types of discussions are also disrespectful to coaches. And I love the guys that I coach. I love these players. And frankly, my focus is on our guys and our team. And as I said, addressing hypotheticals in these types of questions in any form I feel like is disrespectful. And that’s how I would characterize that.”

Yet, Snyder declined to open up about his current contract with the Jazz, a key information on the ongoing rumors about his name. Both him and the Jazz agreed to a contract extension in 2019, yet there’s no exact length of partnership that was released publicly on the said deal.

I”’ve never talked about my contract from day one, and I’m not going to,” he said. “That’s not something that I’m going to comment on now, nor at any point in the future. That’s not something that the Jazz have done. I personally don’t want to or believe in getting into public contract discussions.”

All the attention and pressure are undeniably beamed on Utah, who fills the fourth seed of the West with 45-27. After plethora of roster retooling while playing in previous seasons filled by optimism that they’ll go deep in playoff bracket, they still haven’t reached the Conference Finals since 2007.

As such, Snyder’s mentoring wits remains as one of the most applaud within the league — currently the fourth longest tenured strategist in one team. No matter what happens at the end of the road, he’ll definitely commit on the best decision he can have with regards to his career.

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