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Daily Gossip, Tuesday 10/3/15

Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside has been a revelation this season, but unfortunately, the big man has a temper as well. Something that has to be dealt with.


Hassan Whiteside has been ejected from two of Miami Heat’s last five games. And these have been really stupid dismissals.

The latest one, where he barged into Boston forward Kelly Olynyk during Monday’s loss to the Celtics was just plain ridiculous.


Whiteside will miss the Heat’s home game Wednesday against Brooklyn after the talented but emotional center was ejected for the second time in as many weeks.

The hit on Olynyk came late in the third quarter, when Whiteside took exception to physical play between the two earlier in the game. Whiteside initially swung his elbow upward to prevent Olynyk from grabbing his arm and moments later followed Olynyk down the lane and shoved a forearm into the back of his neck.

Whiteside was initially assessed a personal foul, but the call was upgraded to a Flagrant 2, which warranted an automatic ejection from the game. Heat teammates, including Dwyane Wade, condemned Whiteside’s actions, questioned his maturity and challenged him to be more reliable.

After Tuesday’s practice, Whiteside said he reached out to apologize to Olynyk and vowed to do a better job of keeping his emotions in check on the court.

“I feel terrible about it. I feel like I let my teammates down,” said Whiteside, who finished with seven points and nine rebounds in 22 minutes. “It can’t happen again. I just want to apologize to everybody.”


Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer is all about his team. Even going to a Drake concert with Jeff Teague and DeMarre Carroll.

Via SI:

Contrary to his foodie tendencies—undoubtedly- acquired over 19 years spent alongside Popovich—Budenholzer still rides MARTA to the arena. He went to a Drake concert with small forward DeMarre Carroll. He calls or texts players after tough losses: “Thinking about you, man. Don’t worry about the last shot. We got another one tomorrow.” The Hawks refer to him as Bud, which is appropriate. “I’ve never had a coach care about me like this,” says Teague, who has eaten dinner with Budenholzer’s family and plays one-on-one with his sons before games.

Yep, Coach Bud hit a Drake concert with his players. In fact Teague and Carroll mentioned the concert back in January during a sitdown with ESPN.

Via MTV:

When the team’s starting five was asked by ESPN how their coach, Mike Budenholzer, only in his second year, was able to create a winning culture so quickly, point guard Jeff Teague pointed to a watershed bonding moment.

“Me and him built a relationship when I seen him at the Drake concert,” Teague said with a laugh. “He was at the Drake concert! I looked up, I said, ‘Coach Bud?!’ Him and his wife. That was amazing to see him in that atmosphere.”

“I just didn’t see Coach Bud at a Drake concert; I just didn’t see that coming,” he continued. “When I looked back and I seen him, I was like, ‘That’s impressive.’”


The Warriors may be 50-12, but for David Lee, this season has been one to forget. Lee played only seven minutes per game throughout the first 25 games of the season thanks to a hamstring injury.

Then Draymond Green took his spot in the starting lineup and excelled, and the Warriors just never stopped winning. Now Lee is having trouble just getting off the bench.

Via CSN Bay Area:

He doesn’t like it, but he understands. Winning, he says, makes it easier to digest the extended periods of inactivity.

The Warriors took the floor an hour later and crushed Dallas, maintaining their firm grip on the Western Conference. Coach Steve Kerr played everybody on the roster except Lee – who had played only seven minutes in the previous game.

On Sunday, though, Lee played 19 minutes, his longest stint of the month. He was a team-worst minus-11 in a Warriors win over the Clippers.

On Monday night in Phoenix, Lee was one of two Warriors who never left the bench in a 98-80 win over the Suns.

As the Warriors play out the final five-plus weeks of the regular season, it is evident Lee is a man without a role. When the longtime starter returned on Dec. 22, after playing only seven minutes in the first 25 games due to a hamstring injury, Draymond Green had locked up the starting power forward spot.

“We’re winning and we’re having fun,” Lee said. “It’s hard at times. I couldn’t do this if we weren’t winning. But we are. I’m not going to put myself ahead of that.”

Kerr has shown a willingness to play his entire roster, depending on matchups. Chances are that at some point, Lee will be summoned.

“David’s a great guy,” Kerr said. “He’s great player. If I put him out there for 30 minutes a night, I have no doubt he’d average 18 points and 10 boards. He’d do his thing because he’s talented and skilled. But it’s all about how the puzzle fits together. And right now, he’s just been the odd man out. And it’s incredibly frustrating for him, as it should be. He’s a human being.”

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