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Shaquille O’Neal has no faith for Miami Heat to reach the Finals: ‘This isn’t their year’

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As the Miami Heat continue their scorching rally en route for their fourth title in history, a former beloved franchise player isn’t convinced on their chances to clinch the Larry O’Brien trophy, or even make it to the NBA Finals. 

And that is Shaquille O’Neal. 

In an interview with Emily Bicks of Heavy Sports, the all-time big man said that it’ll be tough for the gritty Heat to reach the championship round, further arguing that this 75th season of the league isn’t theirs. 

“Make the NBA finals? That’s a tough one,” Shaq told Heavy. “I think the Heat will make the playoffs and have a good little run but this isn’t their year. They’re due for one… It’ll come.”

This statement comes after Shaq’s argument with Dwyane Wade on ‘Inside the NBA’ about the Heat still hitting relative success amid injury issues within their lineup.

O’Neal landed in South Beach via Heat’s blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2004 and joined forces with fellow former superstar Wade to bring its first championship in 2006. For someone like him who even had his jersey being retired by this lucrative franchise in 2016, the words he delivered are truly heavy to weigh on. 

Despite having havoc with regards to the availability of their main core, Miami remains a formidable title contender and has maintained a stronghold at the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference – sitting as the second placer with a 32-19 win-loss card. Possessed by that immense talent, ‘Heat Culture’-inspired chemistry and coaching wits of Erik Spoelstra, they are certainly a ball squad to look on once the postseason approaches. 

The Heat will continue to build a much stronger momentum as they face the Raptors in Toronto on Tuesday. 

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