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Former LeBron James teammate calls out Lakers for their poor performance

Image courtesy: Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers have underperformed viciously despite starting the season as title favorites. The Lakers had yet another game that can be labeled as the “worst loss of the season” getting blown out by the Denver Nuggets 133-96.

After the blowout, former LeBron James teammate and NBA big man Channing Frye used some harsh words on the Lakers’ performance.

“It’s hard to be that bad,” said Frye, per larrybrownsports.com. “This score? They should’ve got beat by 50. The Lakers, this game alone, were so undisciplined. They were double-teaming for no reason. They were not rotating. Guys weren’t communicating. They were making poor decisions.

“I’ve seen some bad basketball,” he continued. “This is probably one of the worst games I’ve seen from a team that has good players on it. The communication between the players wasn’t good. The body language was bad … There was no passion and energy from the Lakers this game, which I find upsetting as a basketball player because this is an opportunity to get better and compete.”

Frye played with ‘Bron’ from 2016 to 2018 in Cleveland. They made two Finals appearances, including the 2016 epic comeback from 3-1 against the Warriors.

The Lakers are still under .500 in the middle of the season. They maybe have to shake things up at the trade deadline to maintain hope for the title this season.

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