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Carmelo Anthony talks Lakers – Buccaneers comparison

The new-look Los Angeles Lakers are sometimes compared to an NFL team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which won Super Bowl in 2020. The comparison is coming not only from the outside but also within the Lakers locker room.

In a recent interview Carmelo Anthony revealed that the players had conversations about the similarities between the Lakers and the Bucs, especially when going through losing stretches.

“We always talk about that,” Melo said. “Even before the season it was, we would sit down and just talk about who we are, the journey, how it’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, going through the ups and downs, when we’re gonna go through the ups and downs.

“So it was just kind of preparing ourselves for whatever happens, whatever comes along. Some of the losses or some of the streaks that we have when we haven’t been playing well that was also talked about and spoken about.

“Even though we want to win those games, we want to play well, we want to play better, that was something that was also discussed. So I think, I don’t want to say prepared for those moments and those times mentally and emotionally, but yeah, that was conversations that was happening.”

“I don’t remember where but it’s been said a couple times in comparison to those guys from the standpoint of starting off slow and having new guys on the team, new system, guys trying to figure it out, guys trying to figure it out how to play with LeBron and AD, and then now incorporating Russ and just everybody just figuring out what their role is.

“What made it beautiful for the Bucs was that it was once it came together, it came together and you’ve seen what happened with that.”

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