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Draymond Green on how Klay Thompson’s return will impact other Warriors’ players

Photo: Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

Golden State Warriors’ fans may be days away from seeing Klay Thompson in the team’s uniform after a two-year absence, due to long-term injuries.

The Warriors’ rotation will be shaken up with Klay back. However, Draymond Green believes that players that see less time on the court with Thompson’s return should be upset.

(via NBCSports Bay Area):

“There’s going to be some pissed-off guys because you want to be out there regardless if Klay Thompson is back,” Green said. “As a leader, you appreciate that. I don’t want a guy on the team who is OK with sitting on the bench.

If there is a guy on the team who is just OK with sitting on the bench, when his opportunity comes, he won’t be ready. So there are going to be some guys that is upset.”

Even without Thompson, the Warriors are destroying teams, leading the NBA with the best record. With Thompson back, Jordan Poole, who is haing a career year, will have to come off the bench.

“You feel it,” Green said Monday about the impending rotation change. “There’s no idiots on this team, as you can see in our play. Guys understand what’s ahead.

I think as a leader, there will be a time when you have to step in and, more importantly, keep guys’ spirits up. You don’t play this week with the guys we have if guys aren’t competitors and if guys don’t want to play and want to be out there.”

Head coach Steve Kerr admitted he has no desire to ‘bring Thompson off the bench‘ and he is going to be a starter once he get back to action.

Surely, there might be some anguishing moments for some Warriors’ players when they see their role diminishing; however, it will be up to Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Thompson, and Curry to keep everyone on the same page.

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