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Chauncey Billups, Blazers hint at a possible Damian Lillard shutdown this season amid abdominal issues

The Portland Trail Blazers are having a hard time finding the ideal groove this season. With franchise main men Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum currently conditioning from injuries, further worsened by an abysmal 14-22 record, head coach Chauncey Billups delivered an enticing update that the Portland faithful need to look into. 

In the details provided by Sean Highkin of Bleacher Report this Tuesday, Billups said the Blazers management will have a discussion “soon” about Lillard’s recovery status, and possibly the team’s direction moving ahead. 

Further, Billups noted that shutting down the superstar point guard this 2021-22 season is an option if there’s no progress in its abdominal injury. 

“I think that’s probably going to be the route that we go if he doesn’t get some kind of relief there.”

As the Rip City is slowly sliding and two games away from the Play-in tournament of the ever-competitive Western Conference, the decision that will come up soon must be regarded as highly-anticipated. As such, Lillard’s perspective will play a huge impact on his team’s newest plan this season. 

As suggestions of the soft rebuild, like roster retooling, surrounding their homegrown superstar some complementary pieces, and snatching a prized lottery pick in the upcoming draft are being handed and buzzing on the Blazers hub who is currently facing gigantic hindrances, the result of the talks within the ball club soon is truly exciting. 

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