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David Fizdale on LeBron James: “My gosh this guy is unbelievable”

Los Angeles Lakers backup coach David Fizdale experimented with the lineup in the game against the Houston Rockets. He played LeBron James at the center position for four quarters.

The four-time NBA champion responded with a triple-double of 32 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, helping the Lakers take the win, which ended their five-game losing streak.

After the game, Fizdale was in awe of James’ performance. “I first told the team that, they kind of laughed at first like it was no big deal, I’m like ‘I don’t think you guys realize what this guy just did. He just played the five for four quarters and dominated at the position and played while playing point guard…’ My gosh this guy is unbelievable.

“I can’t help it, man. We’re very lucky as basketball people to get to watch what we’re watching right now out of this man. And it’s just beautiful.

“I know our results haven’t been coming back the way we want them to right now, but the way he’s going about this thing and the way he’s playing, he can’t help but to galvanize us and really get this team to go in the right direction. I just really feel like as we start to get healthy his energy and will, his leadership and his poise will be the thing that really pushes us forward.”

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