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How to place bets on international basketball

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Basketball betting can be highly profitable if you have basic information on how this betting works. Most importantly, one should be able to read betting lines.

Betting lines

The betting lines in basketball involve numbers with a – or + sign. If the number is a plus (+), many points will be added to the final score to determine the bet winner. For instance, if the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) basketball lines were +5 for Team A and -5 for Team B, the final score was 99-100 in favor of Team B, a wager on Team A would still win because they have a +5-point lead.

When placing line bets, it’s vital to note that the favorite in the game must cover the spread, and the underdog must lose by at least the spread. Basketball lines result in a refund in the event of a draw in the NBA or NCAA. Remember that odds for line bets can vary as game time approaches due to injuries and rumors. Your betting slip, however, will not alter regardless of which line you bet on.

How to read basketball betting lines

·  The date and time of the game are listed on the far left of where the odds are recorded. The names of the competing teams may be found to the right.

·  On the odd sheet, all of the numbers are in order. You’ll see that the figures are universal. This will assist you in determining the team you wish to bet on.

·  The point spread, Moneyline, and over/under are all mentioned to the right of the odd sheet. The point spread makes picking the winning team tough for bettors. Spreads are frequently in decimals, which aids in the avoidance of a tie. In the event of a tie, the money is returned to the bettors, and all wagers are voided.

·  The favorites will have a negative number on the spread, while the opposite team will be positive. If you wager on the underdog, you will profit whether they win or lose by a margin of two points or less. If you wager on the favorite team and win by three or more points, you will win money.

·  The Moneyline can be found either to the right of the spread or separately. You will be rewarded if you bet on the winning team with the line.

·  The aggregate score is anticipated by the over/under. To avoid a push, this is frequently a fraction or a decimal.

Rules of basketball betting

As on-ground basketball has several rules, the same goes for basketball betting. Let us discuss some of these rules:

· The bets are settled after the completion of the game when the second half is completed.

·   The bets related to the 4th quarter in the second half are not considered in overtime. At certain levels of basketball, though, overtime includes both quarters of the second half.

·   If a match is abandoned, the best results will only be official if the game has 5 minutes to end. For most basketball matches, the official bet results can be declared after 43 minutes of the game.

·   The bets would be official only if the match takes place on the same day as scheduled. If the game takes place on any other day, the chance will become void.

· If any basketball team abandons the match, their point before leaving will be considered, and bet results will be announced on those points basis.

·  Both nominated teams must play all of their scheduled games for the season during seasonal match bets to be legitimate.

Types of bets for basketball

Overs & Unders:

In this type of bet, the bettor wager on the scoreline whether it will go above their number or under it.

Point spread:

The wagers have a favorite team and an underdog team, which is not expected to win in most cases. The difference between these two teams is accommodated by taking a point from the favorite team. This provides insurance to the wagers who bet on underdogs, and those who bet on favorites do not have to spend a lot on their team.


For this bet, more than two sides have to be chosen by the wager, and to win the bet, all the selected sides have to win.


It is the simplest type of bet in which a bet is made without any involvement of points. The bet is made on the game-winner.


A wager is made on teams, events, and player statistics in a match in this type of bet.

How to bet

To bet officially on a basketball game, you may use NBA games, NCCA, or other official basketball platforms. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to bet on a basketball game:

1. You will have to choose a betting site on which you want to wager through the NBA. Any betting site associated with the NBA would be secure, reliable, and easy to use. If you particularly reside in the UK, it would be prudent to opt for brand new betting sites with no Gamstop.

2. After deciding on the bookie, you will need to sign up to the betting site. For registration, your name, email, birth date, and deposit information would be required by the website to verify if you are allowed to gamble legally.

3. After completion of the registration process, you have to deposit funds into your wallet. You can deposit money via debit or credit card, electronic wallets, Skrill, and PayPal. Several sites accept cryptocurrency for deposits. So, you can also use your bitcoin or Ethereum currency to deposit funds into your wallet.

4.   The procedure is now completed. You can bet on any game you want.

To bet for ground matches, here are the steps:

1.   Find your nearest sportsbook on which you want to wager

2.   Do your research on the sportsbook you are choosing and study all the betting odds related to it

3.   Decide the type of bet you want to make

4.   Meet a betting agent for assistance

After checking all the odds, make your deal.

Popular leagues to bet on

Betting on a popular league is secure and reliable and enhances the chance of greater rewards. Some of the famous basketball leagues you can bet on are:

1.   National Basketball Association

2.   March Madness

3.   College basketball

4.   Eurocup

5.   VTB United League

6.   Liga ACB

7.   EuroLeague

As a basketball bettor, never put all your eggs in one basket. Choose your team after significant consideration about all the factors affecting them.

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