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Kevin Durant reacts to Nets’ win vs. Knicks

One of the top favorites to win it all this season, the Brooklyn Nets, earned a narrow win against the New York Knicks (112-110).

Kevin Durant, who was the second top scorer for the winners with 27 points, gave credit to coach Tim Thibodeau and the Knicks for making it tough for him and the Nets.

“This is a copycat league,” KD said postgame. “You watch how other teams play us and I’m sure coaching staff they’re watching film or the best ways to get the ball out of my hands.

“You see when we take the ball outside out of bounds, you see a guy sometimes sitting in my lap, then there’s another guy behind me sometimes or a guy digging, so I got to figure out back screens, and coming off pindowns and hand offs, and playing off the ball little bit more.

“So Thibs is just unpredictable and he’ll make an adjustment in the middle of the game and his team will follow and execute it. So you got to give him credit.”

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