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Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan talks on bond with Miami Heat star Kyle Lowry

Photo: Matteo Marchi/Getty

DeMar DeRozan has not played in the same team with Kyle Lowry for over four seasons, however his bond with the now Miami Heat star remains as strong as ever.

After the Bulls loss, DeRozan was asked about his bond with his former Raptors teammate. The veteran superstar summed up his relationship with Lowry as follows:

DeMar DeRozan was the leading scorer for the Chicago Bulls with 28 points and seven rebounds. Lowry was also vital for the Heat with 19 points, five rebounds and six assists.

Both Chicago and Miami have serious aspirations to win a title this season, after improving their roster and adding more star power.

The Bulls added DeMar DeRozan in a sign-and-trade deal with the San Antonio Spurs last summer. The Heat also acquired Lowry via a trade deal with the Toronto Raptors this past offseason.

The Heat are second in a very competitive Eastern Conference, with a 13-7 record. The Bulls are one game behind, with a 13-8 record, after Saturday’s loss.

Lowry and DeRozan will again face each other on December 12, where the Heat host the Bulls at American Airlines Arena in Miami. Both Lowry and Derozan played nine seasons for the Raptors, having together six successful seasons up north.

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