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Derek Fisher thinks ‘there’s something else’ that keeps Lakers from playing well in 3rd quarters

The Los Angeles Lakers once again had a weak third quarter in a game that ended with them being defeated. The Chicago Bulls won the third quarter by 12 points (37-25) against the purple and gold and eventually took a comfortable win at Staples Center.

This is a common theme for the Lakers this season. Derek Fisher, who won five NBA championships as a Laker, thinks that it cannot be explained by a high number of new players or lack of consistency.

“As we look at this third quarter graphic, if we break down just the third quarter point differential for the Lakers if just that quarter was better and hopefully we can maybe put something together that would highlight if the Lakers just were better in the third quarter, the difference in some of these losses that they have sustained already,” Fisher said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“Over the course of a long season new guy, all the changes that they’re going through they’re not going to be consistent in their performance. But to come out in third quarter night after night, after night, after night and not be able able to find a way to just bring the focus, the intensity, the effort, the execution that’s not just figuring out rotations like there’s something else that’s holding the team back from being better to start the second half.”

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