Jayson Tatum Marcus Smart Boston Celtics
Photo: Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Boston Celtics could not add to their winning column despite having a 19-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter. After Monday’s disheartening loss, Marcus Smart called out Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for not passing the ball.

The former Celtics’ big man and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins seemed visibly outraged with Smart’s statements, saying he should have consulted his head coach rather than talking about it to the media.

(via The Sportsrush.com):

“Marcus can’t come out publicly and say that. Like, you cannot call your guys out on national television, that is a locker room code.

If you have a problem with the offense, you have to go to the head coach because no matter how you wanna look at it,” Perkins said.

“You guys calling out publicly is not gonna bring out the best in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, and now you cause unnecessary turmoil that is going to go on in the locker room. Like you cannot do that, Marcus Smart knows that.”

Perkins was more focused on the Celtics’ defensive effort during the fourth quarter, as the Bulls outscored Boston 39-11 to claim a wild comeback victory.