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Lou Williams to possibly retire after this season: ‘I had the clarity’

One of the greatest bench players to set his foot in the basketball court, Lou Williams, is indeed a special one and a lethal opponent to encounter with that uncanny offensive arsenal he possesses. The three Sixth Man of the Year awards under his belt just prove how fearsome he is as a crafty player — draining shot after shots, doing acrobatic finishes, and sitting in mid-air for a highlight-reel, tough two-pointer.

Now, at age 35, and finally entering his 17th season in the league, it may seem to be that Sweet Lou is aware of the twilight stage that he is stepping of his fruitful career. As such, he finally admitted that this 2021-2022 could be the last one for him.

Having a conversation with Taylor Rooks in a special Bleacher Report interview, the veteran said that this present campaign could possibly be the closing for his career as a professional athlete.

“You always prepare until, you know, it’s reality. And I know, you know, this is probably my last season. I said that publicly, but I said it last time, so who knows?”

Rooks even clarified if Williams is literally thinking of the possibility to hit retirement after this season.

“Yeah, potentially. I had the clarity — I’m okay with that.”

But Williams also said that it would be alright for him also if he will continue to dwell around the league for a while.

“But I’m also okay with continuing to play if that’s where it takes me, you know? 

“So, I’m prepared for the worst.”

If this season with Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks would end up as his last, Williams has nothing to be ashamed about: He entered the league coming from high school at age 17 as the 45th pick of the whole 2005 NBA Draft; Had priceless experiences of playing alongside some of the all-time greats — Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden and Paul George; Tied with Jamal Crawford with the most Sixth Man of the Year Awards with three and; Most importantly, he is the NBA’s career leader in points off the bench.

Even though he came up short in winning a ring a couple of times, the Memphis-born cager is surely a respectable figure because of the professionalism, calm demeanor and positivity he demonstrated in his whole time in the NBA. As such, if this could be the final time and the moment of truth for him, every fan shall acknowledge the memories and excitement he contributed towards the game.

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