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Paul Pierce believes Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen be “back together pretty soon”

Image courtesy: Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated

Boston Celtics icon Paul Pierce delivers an insight about the ongoing feud within his two legendary former teammates, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. 

Joining in The Cedrick Maxwell Podcast, the newly-inducted Hall of Famer believes that as time goes by, what was broken in the relationship will be fixed.

“I think over time, things will mend together, and I think that, slowly and surely, we got a chance to talk to Ray at the Hall of Fame. We were all there in the same building. And I really give a lot of credit to Doc [Rivers], though. Cause me and K.G. was sitting there at the Hall of Fame, and we were talking about the situation.”

Pierce further praised his mentor and current Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers for setting the tone in the conversation — salvaging a chance that the two will finally squash the beef that was developed from last decade.

“Me and Ray pretty much mended our differences, and K.G. is still on the fence, but I think our conversation with Doc kind of smoothened things over to where you’re gonna see us all back together pretty soon.”

In the 2012 offseason, after his four-year stay, Allen decided to part ways with the Boston Celtics — signing a deal on its arch nemesis, the Miami Heat. This action made Garnett, Pierce and the Beantown to develop a bad blood against the sharpshooting legend. 

Since then, Garnett holds a grudge against Allen — often disregarding the all-time shooting guard on events and topics about their 2008 glory days and the brotherhood of the late 2000s Cs. 

But, after the release of the NBA’s 75th anniversary team recently, things got interesting as the 2004 MVP greeted Allen for making it into the list.

Now retired and currently aging, it will be good for them to put the past behind and savor the moments they had in their illustrious career. In a world full of uncertainty, the trio should not make things complicated further. 

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